Franchises – The dilemma

John Walters

John Walters

A franchise business owner, unlike the owner of a conventional start-up business, is hopefully buying into a proven methodology, tools and support system, for which they pay a royalty payment.

So far so good, but experience shows us that the most successful businesses tend to look outside of their industry to see how the best in class perform specific tasks, and therein lies the dilemma for Franchised Operations.

The Corporate Offices of the Franchised Organizations are the “experts” within their chosen industry, and they tend to operate within their “comfort zone”, meaning that they are less likely to look outside of their industry for best practice. ┬áBefore you shout, I’m not saying that every franchised operation will operate in this way, but some do.

Given that most franchise owners pay a substantial royalty payment to corporate, they generally rely on the corporate services provided.  This may or may not be important dependent on how successful they are.

Let’s suppose that your current performance places you in the lower quartile of performers within your franchised organization then you can probably get all the help that you need from Corporate.

However if you are one of the top performers then you may have to look outside of your Franchised organization in order to get to the next level.

Should you require assistance to get to the next level you should contact us to schedule an appointment. We have the experience, tools and proven methodologies, we care and we are there to help you.