Job Descriptions – Relevant to a small business?

John Walters

John Walters

The reality is that people have to be very flexible and undertake a variety of tasks to simply survive in small business, and so you may be thinking that job descriptions have limited value in the small business environment.

I suggest that job descriptions have a role to play within the small business environment as they help to bring structure, and discipline.  Job descriptions are used to define areas of responsibility and to help to drive accountability, providing the foundation for managing individual performance.

Furthermore, job descriptions are a way to ensure that you address key issues such as workflow in order to achieve a reasonable balance between employees. Also that key tasks are assigned to individuals, and that you identify/nominate who will perform the key tasks in case of employee absenteeism.

I’m sure that you appreciate that individual accountability is critical to all organizations irrespective of size, and as such the job description has a role to play in the small business environment.

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