Our Services

Virtual COO:

Whether it is saving money, growing your business, becoming more effective or optimizing your resources, we have proven methods to help achieve what is important to you. Our commitment is to provide clear and concise recommendations, and to provide hands on support as required, helping you run your business more effectively. Our goal is that you work on your business and not in it.

Services are available for a fixed monthly fee.

Business/Process Reviews:

An assessment of your business, analyzing strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities for improvement. The assessment will quickly identify what may be draining cash, profits and potential from your business. It will include a review of you core processes, and people to ensure that the processes are sufficiently robust to meet the needs of the business. The outcome will be a prioritized list of actions resulting in increased profitability.

Strategic Business Review:

Helping businesses to critically evaluate their competitive position relative to the markets they serve, their products and the competition. Where appropriate ensuring consistency between business and personal (Business Owner) goals to produce a strategy that can be effectively communicated and implemented by the organization.

Creating a line of sight between: Strategy-Planning-Action- Measurement in order to increase performance and reach your goals.

Business Planning:

The process represents a true learning experience, covering the market, customers and your internal process capability. You will identify the key actions to be undertaken in order to realize your goals. The process will help you to develop the actions, not only what you will do, but who will do it, the timing and the expected result.

Our process will ensure that your actions are balanced, measureable, and deliver results. Identification of appropriate metrics in order that you can track your performance.

Marketing Plans:

Helping Business Owners to develop marketing plans that identify: End- Markets, Customers and Products, and detail the actions and mechanisms (including use of social media) required to reach potential customers. We help our clients to identify new markets and or products, enabling them to grow sales. We will help you to develop your understanding of the competitive landscape and a clear understanding of your value proposition.


Benchmarking is a way to identify performance gaps and therefore opportunities to improve your business performance. The study can be applied to: individual departments within an organization, business units within a single division and or a specific industry segment.

Our approach respects and preserves the confidentiality of information supplied from individual (business) participants.

Organizational Reviews:

Helping clients to define appropriate organizational structures to ensure workflow is balanced and that adequate controls are in place. We create job descriptions, assess competence, recruit personnel and establish appropriate incentive programs.

Performance Management:

Designing and implementing appropriate tools (including job costing), metrics and follow-up mechanisms to ensure that the business understands its current performance vs. stated goals.

Management Reporting:

We will analyze your needs and customize reports to ensure that you can proactively manage your business. The visual reports will include charts covering the key parameters of your business, including pipeline development.

A combination of weekly and monthly scorecards.


Helping to identify, evaluate and implement outsourcing opportunities for non-core services. Establishing appropriate service level agreements to ensure that the outsourced activity meets service level expectations with respect to quality, timing and cost.

Customer Satisfaction and Market Surveys:

The service can range from simple questionnaires to face-to-face interviewing of your key customers. It can be directed to your customers or a market segment. Find out why your customers buy from you. Discover sources of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction and find ways to improve your service/product. Improve your customer retention and avoid spending money on services that your customer places little value on.

This process can highlight customer/industry trends and will help you to become a better supplier, potentially increasing sales.

Continuous Improvement:

Design and execute tailor made operational “shop floor” and back office process improvements using proven tools and methodologies, including Lean and Kaizen.

Exit Strategies and Succession Planning:

Helping the Business Owners to create and execute plans that will ensure that when the time arrives there will be a business entity to sell.